The Vascular Quality Initiative® is designed to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and cost of vascular health care by collecting and exchanging information. It consists of a distributed network of regional quality groups that function under an AHRQ-listed Patient Safety Organization using the M2S cloud‑based data collection and reporting system. It is available to all providers of vascular health care and their respective institutions.

Regional Quality Groups

Based on the positive experience with regional quality improvement in New England, multiple regional groups are being organized in the VQI®. They provide the optimal unit size for implementing regional quality improvement projects and by their collaboration, they leverage the power of a national vascular registry within the SVS PSO. Learn more

Patient Safety Organization

Under the Patient Safety Act, PSOs create a secure environment where clinicians and health care organizations can collect, aggregate, and analyze data, to improve quality and reduce risks. It protects analyses and benchmark reports from legal discovery to promote honest reporting of adverse events. Learn more

M2S Cloud-Based Registry

The SVS PSO has partnered with M2S to provide a secure, cloud-based data collection and analysis system. This allows efficient web-based data entry by personnel with appropriate permissions during the actual process of care, as well as integration with electronic medical records. Learn more